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Custom made Pedal Steel Guitar strings. Not stock/shelf electric guitar strings.
Our Strings are made to our specifications for the pedal steel guitar.

We've Cured the Problems!

The three most common problems with Steel Guitar strings are:

1. Stay in tune poorly
2. String breakage
3. Strings lose their life too soon.

Forever it seems that breaking those 3rd strings is just an aggravating reality. Steelers find themselves checking that tuning much too often. Those stock shelf strings just seem to go dead way too quick.

Most likely the strings you now use are nothing more than stock shelf electric guitar strings!

We at Live Steels Strings have worked tirelessly with the engineers to correct these common problems. Live Steel Strings are custom designed and manufactured for the pedal steel guitar.
Things the Player will immediately notice:
Your instrument will stay in tune better-much better!
Shorter travel distance in your knee levers
String breakage will be at a minimum or nonexistent
So what's the secret Live Steel Strings has that has come up with to resolve the common complaints of players all over the world that use a stock shelf string brand?

Stronger cores & changing the twist of the string during the manufacturing process.

We at Live Steel Strings understand that when you order strings you want them now!

When ordering on any weekday we will make every effort to ship your strings same day as ordered!

We offer sets custom designed for you! In addition to our standard packages in our store you can pick your exact strings for your needs!

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