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Buddy Emmons in 1964 revolutionized the Pedal Steel Guitar.
Players today now use his style of guitar almost exclusively!
Brief History of the Pedal steel guitar:

In the early 50's several players began experimenting with adding pedals which raised the pitch of a string, and in 1953, Bud Isaacs was the first player to use a pedal steel guitar on a hit recording: "Slowly" by Webb Pierce.

The sound quickly caught on and many steel players converted to playing the 'pedal sound'. For over a decade almost every steeler had his own tunings, but in the 60's Buddy Emmons started to use a steel guitar with two ten string necks, one tuned to 'chromatic E9' (the 'Nashville' neck) and the other to an extended C6 (the 'jazz' neck). This quickly became the standard.

Buddy Emmons:

Buddy Emmons earned a place among Nashville's elite as one of the finest steel guitar players in the business. Born in Mishawaka, IN.

He first fell in love with the instrument at age 11 when he received a six-string lap steel guitar as a gift.

At age 12, he enrolled at the Hawaiian Conservatory of Music in South Bend, IN.

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