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Frequently asked questions:
Why do Live Steel Strings cost a bit more than some of the cheaper brands?
Live Steel Strings are custom made to our specifications. The manufacturing process because of our specifications and tolerances is therefor much higher than other brands of strings. This extra cost is worth it so we can supply our players and customers with the best PSG string that are made today.
All brands sell their strings in Standard gauge sets. I am then forced to buy individual strings to customize the gauges to my preference leaving me with strings purchased never to be used. Can I buy individual strings from Live Steel?
Yes, you can buy individual strings of any gauge but there is no need to! We at Live Steel Strings understand that this has been a source of aggravation forever. Although we offer Standard E9 and Standard C6 sets, you also have the option to choose a "Customize Set" in our online storethat will give you the option of choosing the exact gauges you want or need. You may also contact us with any special needs you may have. Why should it be any other way?
Are Live Steel Strings Nickel or Stainless?
All of our wound strings are available in Nickel or Stainless Steel.
Do I have to order the strings from your website or can I make a phone call?
The choice is yours. If you are more comfortable calling us on the phone our phone number is 804-452-2019 and we are open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
I have been using a particular brand for years and it takes a very long time to get my order after placing it. How long will it take to get my strings after the order is placed?
If your order is placed during office hours we will make every effort to get your strings shipped the exact same day!
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