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Live Steel Strings is a new company created with the sole purpose of bringing only the best in products to
our players and customers. Our Strings are made in the USA and are made from the finest American steel.

Playing guitar has always been my passion. Playing the Pedal Steel Guitar has always been my hobby.

Although I have played the Pedal Steel guitar for 42 years I didn’t actually seriously start studying the instrument until 2009.

For many years I have used a brand of strings that I was satisfied with and I continued to use these strings until they became ever more difficult to purchase.

Unable to get strings I was forced to purchase other brands of Pedal Steel Guitar strings only to rediscover their many different shortcomings.

I decided there was a need to fill this void and to actually embark on a mission to improve Pedal Steel Guitar Strings further.

Enter Live Steel Strings:
Although I personally have been associated with the music industry for decades, Live Steel Strings is a newly founded company and we are committed to complete customer satisfaction and the constant state of improving our product.

I believe that Live Steel Strings are the finest Pedal Steel Guitar Strings ever made to date.

Four things you should immediately notice when putting Live Steel Strings on your instrument is:

More string tension when right hand plucks strings.
Shorter travel distance in knee levers and pedals.
Tuning Checks are often diminished or eliminated.
Minimal to no string breakage.
String life is much longer.
In the not too distant future my plans are to start working with engineers to develop and manufacture the best electric guitar strings in the world and bring them to market but, that is the future and Live Steel Strings for The Pedal Steel Guitar is Now!

Sid Hudson

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