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Name: Larry Baker
Date Posted: Fri Apr 13 16:16:53 2018

April 13, 2018. Love the strings. Never a problem.
Need to reorder soon. Larry
Name: GoldenTabs
Date Posted: Tue Jan 9 08:03:29 2018

Name: GoldenTabs
Date Posted: Mon Jan 8 03:18:39 2018

Name: GoldenTabs
Date Posted: Sat Jan 6 07:43:54 2018

Name: GoldenTabs
Date Posted: Fri Jan 5 15:32:03 2018

Name: Jim Einert, Ozone, Arkansas
Date Posted: Mon Oct 16 16:18:55 2017

Have to say I'm a little embarrassed. The set of strings I am playing right now I got from Don at BMI guitars for my BMI keyless Zane Beck tuning. I have been lazy, and I have had these strings on this guitar for at least 2 maybe 3 years. They still sound good, probably lack a bit of sustain from when they were new, but still sound good. It took over a year to break the 0.11 string. I thought I would never break it. I only live about 25 miles from the BMI factory here in Arkansas, but I can never seem to get over there to buy my strings. Glad I found the website. I will just order them from now on, and change them a lot more often. These are really great strings!
Name: Jim Callery
Date Posted: Sun Dec 11 15:42:11 2016

I tried the Stainless. Just beautiful!!! I've been waiting for them to wear out. They just don't want to die. Wonderful, consistent tone and they stay in tune. I'm getting spoiled though, I'm not even thinking about carrying spares.
Name: Jim Callery
Date Posted: Sun Dec 11 15:41:58 2016

I tried the Stainless. Just beautiful!!! I've been waiting for them to wear out. They just don't want to die. Wonderful, consistent tone and they stay in tune. I'm getting spoiled though, I'm not even thinking about carrying spares.
Name: lee dassow
Date Posted: Fri Aug 26 10:47:02 2016

Sid, Don Fritche owner of BMI told me about your strings. He had them on an S-10 he had rebuilt for me several years ago. There still on there and sounding great. I've been using you strings ever since. Great product. Tennessee Lee
Name: Billy Carr
Date Posted: Thu Sep 3 19:05:22 2015

I've tried about every string on the market for pedal steel over the past 40 years. Yet to find or try anything that can match the LSS's. May cost a little more but definitely worth it. Thanks from down here in Mississippi !
Name: Dan Chroninger
Date Posted: Tue Jul 28 10:33:34 2015

Sid I'am really impressed with your strings. great tone, stay in tune, and last longer than any string I've used in last 50 years.
I just did seventeen jobs in a row on one set, kinda like the old Rayline strings without the rust. Thanks Tommy White for the
Name: Bill Arnold
Date Posted: Tue Jul 14 16:16:29 2015

Really great strings...much better than what I've been using for the past 30+ years.
Name: Warren Johnston
Date Posted: Fri Jul 3 13:24:20 2015

I first ordered Live Steel strings early 2013.Have had one only break on me.I prefer the nickel on my Carter.Excellent service from Sid.I can,t see myself changing brands.
Name: Roger Dillingham
Date Posted: Wed Feb 11 18:48:12 2015

Just got a couple sets I purchased from another forum member. Have no idea why he didn't use them. Haven't put them on yet but can't wait try them out on my LLII. Once I try them I will definitely report back. Thanks!
Name: Johnny Cox, Austin, TX
Date Posted: Mon Feb 9 21:00:50 2015

I have used many brands of steel guitar strings. Live Steel Nickel are by far the best. There bring out the best in my guitars.
Name: Johnny Cox, Austin, TX
Date Posted: Mon Feb 9 20:59:16 2015

I have used many brands of steel guitar strings. Live Steel Nickel are by far the best. There bring out the best in my guitars.
Name: Jim Saunders
Date Posted: Wed Apr 2 14:44:24 2014

The strings really have a "live" sound. Great tone, but the service provided on issues or questions is fantastic. Sid and staff work to make you happy. Great service and products.

Name: Roger Francis--kokomo,Indiana
Date Posted: Wed Feb 26 08:51:52 2014

In 40 yrs of playing I've tried a lot of different brands of strings, I used stainless for a long time cause the nickel on other brands seem to loose their luster to quick, when I started using Sids strings I settled on nickel again they seem to be a tad brighter and hold that luster a lot longer, I've been using them since they hit the forum and have only broken one string so far and that was because I left them on for about 4 months just waiting for them to start sounding a little dull and don't remember if they did or not but changed them anyway, I agree with what Zane said 100% great strings.
Name: Eddy Dunlap--Nashville Tn.
Date Posted: Tue Feb 25 11:48:36 2014

Sid's Live Steel Strings have the best customer service around!! Extremely punctual and would bend over backwards to ensure customer satisfaction. Also, Sid's most recent recording, "Savvy," is a must-have in anyone's music collection. And with first-class musicianship and great people like Sid Hudson, Tommy White, Mike Johnson, Gary Carter and countless others, Live Steel Strings is a brand you can't go wrong with!
Name: Tommy White--Hendersonville Tn.
Date Posted: Tue Feb 25 11:46:41 2014

Thank you Sid. As I mentioned in another thread, the Live Steel Strings nickel set feel just right under my hands and are sounding great on my new Mullen guitars. Now I understand what everyone was talking about. Again, I would expect nothing less from a musician and gentleman of your caliber and integrity.
Thanks again sir!
Name: John De Maille--Halcottsville, N.Y.
Date Posted: Tue Feb 25 11:40:33 2014

I've been using Jagwire stainless on my Zum and have been very satisfied with the sound. I really like them, but, Sid's strings are just unbelievable. They ring forever and just sound clearer. If that's possible. I don't understand the process either, but, he definitely has something there. I'm always open minded when it comes to these things, especially new innovations. I like to give them a try on my terms and these new strings seems to perform flawlessly.
Name: Josh Rossow--Mchenry, Illinois
Date Posted: Tue Feb 25 11:37:39 2014

Thanks for strings they came in quick. It was easy to order as a custom set. I ordered 3 of each string and it was nice that you guys put them together as 3 full sets in the normal packaging. I'm gunna stick with these strings. Really enjoyed the CD Sid, thanks again.
Name: Carl Williams--Oklahoma
Date Posted: Tue Feb 25 11:35:14 2014

The quick service is most appreciated not to mention the fine (Free) CD you also sent. Your unique song selection allowed you to showcase your own personal style which is fantastic! Count me in as a fan of Live Steel Strings! Thanks again...Carl
Name: David Scheidler--Arizona
Date Posted: Tue Feb 25 11:33:56 2014

Just put a set of Live Steel nickel strings on my Sho-Bud round-front Pro I last night. I didn't think that guitar could sound any better, but it does! They seem to have a "pure" quality that reminds me of the D'Addario's I've been using for years on my acoustic guitars and mandolins. Now I know why they call them LIVE Steel Strings! I must order a set for my Sho-Bud S-12 that's on the way.
Name: Tommy White--Hendersonville Tn.
Date Posted: Thu Jan 30 12:26:24 2014

I installed a set of nickel Live Steel Strings a few days ago. They feel just right and the sound is what I want to hear on my new Mullen guitars. I'm sold. Just ordered more and Sid was such a kind gentleman to deal with!
Name: Ken Campbell--Montana
Date Posted: Thu Jan 30 12:25:30 2014

Been using Sid's stainless, and his tuning offsets. Top shelf.
Name: Gary Cooper--Alabama
Date Posted: Thu Jan 30 12:23:55 2014

I received my Live Stings today -- outstanding service from The Live Steel Strings Store in Hopewell, VA. I bought nickle. Smooth as silk.
Name: Roger Francis--kokomo,Indiana
Date Posted: Thu Jan 30 12:22:08 2014

They do have great customer service and always get it right, and I love their strings

Name: Marke Burgstahler--SF Bay Area, CA
Date Posted: Thu Jan 30 12:20:26 2014

At the recommendation of many folks here on the SGF, I tried a set of Live Steel strings. IMHO they sound great.

I sent in my order, and got an email back with a question about my gauge request (I use a .015 for my 2nd and 4th string)- they wanted to double-check that I really wanted (2) .015's, and that it was a full 10 string set I was ordering.

I probably should have made it more clear in the Notes section of my order, but I thought it was really cool that they "caught it" and wanted to double-check.

Nice attention to detail, and good sounding strings. Just wanted to share.
Name: Marke Burgstahler
Date Posted: Sat Jan 18 12:20:31 2014

Got my set...I had ordered a custom gauge assortment, including (2) .015's, and you guys emailed me to make sure it was a full 10 string set - great customer service and the strings sound fabulous. Great string to string balance..
Name: Fernando Esparza-San Antonio Texas
Date Posted: Sun Dec 29 22:54:39 2013

I received my strings really fast, I have to say they are beyond my expectations, excellent tone, great sustain, and they stay in tune very nicely.
Name: Ken Campbell
Date Posted: Tue Dec 24 15:34:02 2013

Wow. Thanks so much for sending the strings as quickly as you did. These are my first sets of Live Steel Stainless and to say I'm impressed and amazed would not be enough. My Sho-Bud sounds awesome. Way better than with my previous strings. Spectacular! Highest regards Sir,

Name: Hook Moore--West Virginia
Date Posted: Tue Sep 24 06:13:47 2013

Great strings, order some !!...And if you have not heard Sid play both guitar and steel guitar, you are missing it !! Buy the cd too..
Name: Gary Kaye--California
Date Posted: Tue Sep 24 06:13:04 2013

Recently tried a set of nickle "Live Steel" Strings and have to say the name is very fitting and describes how my guitar seemed to come alive with tone, opened the lows, mids and highs and seemed to add a beautiful chime. I have not tried the stainless strings but so pleased with the sound it may be a while before I do so.
Anyone who has not yet given these a try is missing out! Thanks guys for a great set of strings!
Name: Steve Lipsey--Portland Oregon
Date Posted: Tue Sep 24 06:12:18 2013

I just ordered a bunch more cryogenic E9 sets....I have to admit, I am never sure about strings, I always replace old strings with the "next new thing", so of course they sound better, the old strings were old!

But I just put cryos on a guitar again - replacing regular Live Steel strings on this guitar that weren't really that old - and it really does feel like they have more body and snap to them...
Name: Erv Niehaus---Litchfield MN
Date Posted: Wed Aug 14 17:03:07 2013

I just put my 1st set of Live Steel Strings on the other day.
The first thing I noticed is the richness I got out of my 3rd string. I was used to a thin sounding 3rd but these strings really filled out the sound. I use a 12 on the 3rd in the past to try and improve the sound and that helped but these strings really made a difference.
Name: Josh S Gibson
Date Posted: Fri Jul 19 00:42:53 2013

I have been using Live's since I got My '76 Emmons PP at Scotty's steel show in Saint Louis last year, And I have nothing but good things to say about Sid and the rest of the family/team at LSS...I honestly can't say enough good things about the strings I have had the same strings on My PP for oh......10 month's...roughly and They
still sound as good as the day I put Them on!!!I'll keep coming back that's for sure, (P.S I would love to see a custom gauge 6-string set...I'm really curious about how You said they sound on tele Sid :-).
Josh S Gibson.
Name: Ivan Poso--New Zealand
Date Posted: Fri Jul 5 08:56:08 2013

I have been using LSS cryo strings on my Zum Hybrid since my mate Paddy Long returned from Dallas with them in March. Best strings I have ever used. No issues at all with great tone from top to bottom strings with no loss of tone over the 4 months I have had them on my guitar. Very stable tuning which has remained so from the time of installation and I find the tone to a little smoother and more touch sensitive than other strings I have used. Highly recommended.
Name: Jerry Van Hoose--Florida
Date Posted: Fri Jul 5 08:55:05 2013

I too, am a recent convert to "Live Steel Strings". I ordered a few custom sets as well as several singles, received them in 2 days. I've already begun using them, very pleased with what I'm hearing Very Happy
Name: Martin Weenick--Florida
Date Posted: Fri Jul 5 08:53:23 2013

I made an online order about a month ago and received the strings in two days. Excellent service, top of the line strings.
Name: David Graves--Indiana
Date Posted: Fri Jul 5 08:52:05 2013

I contacted Sid Hudson the other day. I've got LSS on my D-10 but I'm more of a lead guitar player and have been for the past 32 years. I asked about a 6 string electric set but they didnt offer one. So.. I ordered my separate strings in the gauges I wanted because I loved the tone they gave to my PRP Mullen D-10. I got the strings right away and I had a busy two weeks of music ahead. The Indy steel show, a full week of session work and a show with our 9 piece swing band ( think Time Jumpers.. Just not as good looking ). I was/ am blown away with the strings!! The guys that work with me on a regular basis and many that don't, all said " wow!! I love your tone! It's so rich and warm." Then I could switch pickups and cut their heads off with chicken Picken licks. These strings are amazing. I had stayed with the same brand for 30 years but I'm now a LSS user. So.. After some emails, a little poking, and prodding, and sweet talking Sid has decided to offer a 6 String electric guitar set!! The reason he didn't do it before is because its to hard to compete with the " big money manufacturers" but Sids gonna bite the bullet and do it anyway! If you play 6 string, or talk with your lead guitar guy I HIGHLY suggest you give these a try. I'm glad I did. And Thank you to Sid for filling a void in the tone department. In fact I'm getting ready to order more for my other lead guitars. Hey.. Maybe I can get him to name a set after me??? Yeah.. I didn't think so either. Play safe...
Name: Jim Smith--Georgia
Date Posted: Fri Jul 5 08:48:47 2013

I just ordered my second set of "Live Steel Strings". Still playing the first set, which have been on my guitar for almost 2 months. They still are producing great tone, as well as staying in tune, requiring a minimum of touch up tuning. I have yet to break any of those stings, and have never changed a single one. For me that's a lot of practice and on stage time. I'm a happy camper.
Name: Jason Rinfret
Date Posted: Sun May 26 09:15:32 2013

I've tried every brand of strings out there and nothing seems to compare to LSS. They sound amazing and last a long time! What more could you want? Shipping and customer service is amazing too!!!
Name: Mike Johnson--Nashville Tn
Date Posted: Mon May 20 19:26:08 2013

I just reordered my 10th Dozen of Live Steel Strings!
I am spoiled! I don't want anything else on any of my guitars.

Great sustain, great tone, and no buzz. If you haven't tried a set, I would sure encourage you to.

Mike Johnson
Name: Randy Gilliam--San Antonio Texas
Date Posted: Mon May 20 11:58:17 2013

Just got 10 more sets, Call order 2 Days Later I Had my new ones! Thanks For the Fast service and the best Strings I have ever used! Randy G.
Name: Gary Arnold - FL Panhandle
Date Posted: Wed May 1 22:17:37 2013

I just put my first sets of strings on from Sid. I use a
Rittenberry & a Fulawka. One has a metal neck and the other a wooden neck and both really sounds great. My lead player looked over and said what new toy do you have tonight and I said just "Live Steel Strings". No tuning problems! Sid keep up the good work........Gary Arnold
Name: Gary Arnold - FL Panhandle
Date Posted: Wed May 1 22:17:22 2013

I just put my first sets of strings on from Sid. I use a
Rittenberry & a Fulawka. One has a metal neck and the other a wooden neck and both really sounds great. My lead player looked over and said what new toy do you have tonight and I said just "Live Steel Strings". No tuning problems! Sid keep up the good work........Gary Arnold
Name: Ron Scott--Michigan
Date Posted: Tue Apr 30 10:22:08 2013

I bought 2 sets of nickle for E9th and they are great stings IMO..I only play at home anymore so I don't use as many as I would have playing out but I will order more when needed.Thanks Sid for doing this for us...Ron
Name: Anders Lindby--Sweden
Date Posted: Tue Apr 30 10:19:55 2013

I like them...bought 4 sets at the Dallas show in March ,been usin D'addario stainless for years they do feel different, was my first reaction.
I have the LSS stainless set on my GFI now and have yet to try the LSS nickel set.
But so far i really like them.

Name: Larry Bell--Englewood Fla
Date Posted: Tue Apr 30 10:17:07 2013

Going from SIT to LSS is like going from a plain steel bar to a BJS. It's almost like each string is polished. No pits or marks at all. Slicker than deer guts on a doorknob.
Way more expensive than SIT but you pay for that level of quality control
Name: Frank Sprague--Custer Washington
Date Posted: Tue Apr 30 10:15:12 2013

IMHO they're the best strings out there
Name: Larry Allen--Anchorage Alaska
Date Posted: Tue Apr 30 10:13:52 2013

After using Cobra coils for over 10 years, when I Put the LSS on my old ShoBud my band mates ALL commented on the tone, they have been listening to that guitar for over 15 years... Larry

Name: Billy Carr--Seminary Mississippi
Date Posted: Thu Apr 25 11:56:53 2013

Just put on my first set of Live Steel Strings(Nashville Set). Here's the gauges I've used for years, as far back, as I can remember. .013,.015,.11.5,.014,.017P,.020P,.026W,.030W,.034W and .036W. Major difference immediately. Played the little red ETS for two hours with the Live Strings. Very impressed and the best tone I've heard in a long, long time. Tweaked the #10 string, B note, just a little with pedal #1. Everything else is right there in perfect pitch after playing. Live Steel Strings are the real deal. When I get ready to place a good sized order, it'll be Live Steel Strings totally. I was having some minor tuning issues up/down the neck with the SIT's but that's completely gone now with the Live Steel Strings on the ETS. The LSS seem to feel different and I can't find a out of tune spot anywhere on the neck now. I've played it and tried to find something out but after two hours, everything is perfect. I would guess the out of perfect pitch at different spots was probably the SIT strings. I used Frenchys Steel Mill strings for years before I tried a couple of SIT sets. May have just been a couple of SIT E9th sets with some strings that were not exactly perfect. Mainly the .020P, .026W, .030W and .036W. Problem solved and a new LSS customer is onboard now. I'm not hardheaded, I'm just hard to impress when it comes to different products. LSS has impressed me. I usually change strings every three weeks or so. Thanks.
Name: Gary Arnold--Florida
Date Posted: Wed Apr 17 09:27:07 2013

got my new strings from you this past week and used them this weekend. They are really the best strings I have ever used
Name: Chris Buchanan--Macomb Il
Date Posted: Mon Apr 1 05:01:05 2013

I've had Sid's Cryo strings on for about a month now. I practice every day, rehearse once a week, gig every weekend and have been tracking in the studio a little. These strings are AWESOME. They don't quit. They stay in tune, sustain, and stay nice and shiny. Cryo strings are for real and I hope they will always be available. I would seriously hate to go back to untreated strings.
Name: Rick Nicklas---Veron Mo.
Date Posted: Mon Feb 18 17:11:23 2013

Add me to the list of extremely happy customers. I have been using these strings for a year now and they have the best tone and sustain I have experienced in any string. I always order a customized 12 string set (actually several sets at a time). The only reason I change strings every few months is to help make sure Sid stays in this business because other than that, these strings sound like new even after 3 months use at a time.
Name: Joe Turner
Date Posted: Tue Feb 5 10:55:05 2013

There's not much I can add that hasn't already been said but I installed a set of "LIVE STRINGS" on my single 12.
I find these strings have more definition and are well balanced for overall clarity.The plain strings are clear but
not harsh in tone.I noticed there is no overtone "buzz" you
sometimes get on the plain strings especially the 3rd
string.On the wound strings I prefer nickle.I was pleased
with the "well rounded' sound.
Sid I think you have formulated a great string!!!!
I highly recommend "Live Steel Strings"
"Keep up the good work"
Name: Chris Buchanan---Macomb, IL
Date Posted: Wed Jan 30 17:37:25 2013

Congrats on the new strings. No doubt they are amazing. Your strings improved the action on my GFI. And I appreciate the prompt customer service. Most excellent!
Name: Richard Brewer--North Carolina
Date Posted: Sat Jan 12 10:59:51 2013

Sid, I am currently playing my first set of Live strings and the tone is outstanding. I bought two sets several months back and just put the first set on before Xmas. I certainly will try the new Cryo strings when they become availableÖ.Rick Brewer, Greensboro, NC
Name: Larry Becker.
Date Posted: Sat Jan 5 18:01:09 2013

After taking a tip from Gary Carter, I installed a set of Livesteel Stainless strings on the E9th neck of my Show Pro steel..They are, without a doubt, the best strings I've used to date, bar none..The tone is great, and they stay in tune!!They have great sustain as well, and no string breakage to date..If players haven't tried them, they should and experience a first class quality product..Sid and Jordan are great people to deal with also.. Two thumbs up for Livesteel strings !!
Name: Joshua Gibson--Washington State
Date Posted: Sun Dec 30 18:18:41 2012

I've got 'Em on My '76 Emmons D-10 and I personally quite like the tone and feel
Name: Ken Fox--Ray City Georgia
Date Posted: Sun Dec 30 18:16:59 2012

I am very pleased with my strings, they really sound great on my Emmons P/P.
Name: Johnny Cox--Texas
Date Posted: Tue Dec 18 09:23:52 2012

I put Live Steel strings on my guitar this past weekend. Wow, what a difference. Live is definitely the proper name for this strings. Sid knocked it out of the park on these strings.
Name: Jerry Overstreet--Louisville Kentucky
Date Posted: Sat Dec 15 21:20:57 2012

In the 35 or so years I've been playing pedal steel, I haven't found much difference among the major brands packaged for pedal steel...until recently. Up to that point, I used SIT's, George L.'s, and GHS with pretty good results as well.
Currently though, I find Sid Hudson's Live Steel Strings definitely first rate quality and IMO, a cut above. Great customer service and super fast delivery.
Name: Bill Miller--Quebec Canada
Date Posted: Sat Dec 15 21:17:44 2012

My vote goes to Live Steel strings. I found Jagwire to be better than any other brand I'd tried up until Live Steel strings became available. Both are excellent but the Live Steels really do set a new benchmark as far as I'm concerned.
Name: Ricky Newman--Texas
Date Posted: Wed Dec 5 07:39:43 2012

I just ordered a set of Stainless strings and they sound great!
Name: Rick Abbott---Indiana
Date Posted: Mon Dec 3 11:49:55 2012

I put a set of stainless U-12 strings on my guitar last week...WOW! You were certainly right when you said I might like them. Each note has serious definition and stays clean with other notes, I swear I'm playing with more "emotion" if that's what you call adding more subtle timbres and voice.
Clear, bright and articulate.
I doubt I'll ever use any other string on this guitar.
Thank you!!
Name: Rick Lawrence--Athens Georgia
Date Posted: Tue Nov 13 07:23:56 2012

I noticed that the sound of the Live strings sound better than the Cobra Coils do on my MSA Legend. They have a bit more brightness to them and seem like they are more "fresh" out of the pack.
Name: Kjell Ohlsson---Sweden
Date Posted: Mon Nov 12 09:12:55 2012

Hi Jordan,
for your information, I recieved the strings today and I will change strings on my Emmons later this evening.
Thanks a lot for you honesty, but sending me the small change wasnīt necessary, but I can tell you, you scored
a lot of points in doing so.

Nice doing business with you guys. Kjell

Name: J. Overstreet
Date Posted: Thu Oct 4 15:36:39 2012

I've been seeing string hype for years. None of them have lived up to the claim. I'm about as skeptical as you can be. Strings are strings, at least those from the major steel guitar packagers.

The first thing I noticed when I installed these strings is how brilliant the plain strings are. I use the Stainless sets and I expected them to be bright, but totally unprepared for the fidelity on the plains. At first, I thought there must be something wrong with them as they are so bright.

For my next sets, I think I'll choose Nickel.

Sid and company were extremely helpful with my choices of gauges etc. Super fast delivery and great customer service.
Name: Jay Dee Maness--California
Date Posted: Thu Sep 27 20:29:38 2012

I have tried the "Live Strings" from Sid Hudson. I like them. I recommend all you guys try them.
Name: Kai Eric Skaar NORWAY
Date Posted: Sun Sep 9 02:04:04 2012

The best strings i have ever been playing on.
No string break at all.
Very good sound and new and fresh strings.
The best stings you can get , i have tryd them all
Name: Mike Swartman -- Maryland USA
Date Posted: Sat Sep 8 11:31:33 2012

OK I bandmates are making fun of me every week now. I got my 1st set of Live Steel Strings a few months ago and I've been really enjoying them.

3 weeks ago at rehearsal I mentioned that by now I probably should change strings because my E9th set has been on the neck for quite a while now. Well I use a few "tip offs" to indicate the time for a string change. Breakage and tuning stability are the first tip offs...nope. Following that...loss of clarity higher up on the neck...nope. Followed by buzzing at the 1st fret with the strings dampened behind the bar...nope.

So the next week my bandmates asked, "Have you changed those strings yet? I replied, "No not this past week, they still sound pretty darn good"

This week they asked again, "Hey Slim...Have you changed those strings yet?" I said, "You know guys...I be darned if I found a good reason to change them yet, this set is still sounding good and staying in tune"

So I'm going to change them this week...or maybe next just to get those guys off my back. So my point is: Thank you Sid for a high quality, durable product...I think live Steels are a winner in my book.
Name: david rattray
Date Posted: Thu Sep 6 08:52:50 2012

Put my first set of livesteel stainless strings on April 26 over two hundred and fifty hours of playing no breakage these strings still sounded good . Put a set of nickel on this morning sept 6 boy they to sound great poor old Sid may have to sell flowers or something to help him make a living these strings last a long time and keep on singing . If you want your steel to sound its best slap a set of LiveSteelSrings on it and be amazed....david
Name: Eddy Dunlap
Date Posted: Tue Sep 4 07:40:34 2012

Hey Sid. I saw your email a while back when I ordered strings that said they couldn't be shipped until Sept. 4th, but I was pleasantly surprised to see them here delivered last Tuesday or Wednesday! I cannot say enough good things about the service of your company/staff and the exceptional quality in your product. I started using your strings a couple of months and tried out the nickel(which is my personal preference) They were exactly everything I heard about. I love the tightness of the winding and the high tension they have across the fretboard. They're very warm and balanced compared to everything else I've used in the past. They work really well in the studio too.
Name: Jim Cooley--Texas
Date Posted: Thu Jul 19 13:10:27 2012

I am on my second set of Live Steel strings on my LDG, playing through a silverface Fender Twin, Boss RV-3, and JBL K-130 mounted in a Rick Johnson cabinet. The first set of strings was stainless; I now have nickel on the guitar. I was previously using stainless JagWires. I was pleased with the JagWires, bit it seems that the LiveSteel strings give better separation. I had to retune some pulls when I switched brands, but nothing drastic.

I decided to try the nickel wound strings after reading Ricky Davis's recommendation in a forum posting. These are definitely an improvement over other nickel strings I have used. The wound strings ring better. All strings have more definition. Considering that I wasn't able to A/B the nickel vs. other strings, it still seems that these nickel strings are brighter than others. Maybe a more pronounced tone is better description. I know that during the first line of a song with the band last night, two band members looked at me with "wow" expressions on their faces. Then again, it was probably because I was playing in tune and to the right song for a change. I did have to retune a few pulls when I switched from stainless to nickel.

I have another set of stainless Live Steel strings to try after I take off the nickel set, just for one more comparison. Unless someone comes up with a new latest and greatest product, I have found my strings.
Name: Dave Bertoncini--Arizona
Date Posted: Thu Jul 19 13:04:35 2012

I have found Live Steel Strings and they are the best!
Name: Larry Baker--Columbia Mo.
Date Posted: Fri Jun 29 09:10:21 2012

Just installed My first set of Live Steel Strings this week end, and they are great. I strung it up on Sat. night, tuned it up, and Sun. morning, it was still in tune. Just awesome. The service was great, thanks Sid. Larry Baker

Name: Mike Johnson--Nashville Tn.
Date Posted: Mon Jun 25 12:39:16 2012

I just ordered my second dozen. These strings sound great live and in the studio.
As for the adustments, I don't remember making any major changes to my pedals on my first set. I just remember how much of a difference they made. I love the tone I get with these strings and the buzz I used to get from my 3rd and 4th strings seems to have disappeared.

I think they are the best strings to come around in a long time.
Name: Michael Hartz
Date Posted: Mon Jun 25 12:37:08 2012

I just wanted to let you you know that after hearing lots "hype" about your strings, I deciced to give them a try. All I can say is WOW!!!! I used several different brands over the years and could never tell a difference between them except for string breakage. When I first played your strings I could tell a difference immediately. The mids sounded sounded better and the overall clarity was much better. There's just something about these strings that's hard to describe in words other than you know you will NEVER go back to using anything other than these strings. Also knee levers and pedals feel firmer and are not as "mushy." YOU have a real winner here.
Future Loyal Customer

Name: Aaron Goldstein--Canada
Date Posted: Sun Jun 24 05:21:45 2012

I wanted to jump on here also, to say that not only am I beyond satisfied now that I've switched to Live Steel, but I wanted to give public thanks to Sid for really (and I mean REALLY) going the extra customer service mile to get me some new strings while I was on the road without any extras. These things sound and feel great, and Sid is a real champ. Thanks kindly sir, you'll be hearing from me soon for another few sets.
Name: James Marlowe--Lakeland Fla.
Date Posted: Sat Jun 23 10:09:42 2012

I also am a fan of LS strings. Recently I retired my first set of LS. I felt like I should go ahead and use up my old stock which is made up of two or threes sets of the popular brand well known to us all, plus one set of another good, but not so well known strings. I'm here to tell you these strings sound anemic compared to Live Steel strings! Since I was born good looking instead of rich (NOT) I'll go ahead and use up my old stock before returning to Live Steel...but I'm not liking it!!
Thanks again Sid, for such a great product.

Name: Keith Howard--Ohio
Date Posted: Sat Jun 23 10:07:40 2012

Ordering was simple, shipping was fast... now to the good stuff. As a new player, I have been in search of a "tone" that I felt worthy of really bringing out in the mix of our band. I'm blessed with 6 other great muscians so it's not like I really have to carry the show. Anyway, we played an outdoor show last night and all the guys were astonished with my new sound.

Our gig was at 7PM and my new strings came in the mail at 5PM. I'd broke a few strings in the past few days practicing (diff brand) so... I took a leap and starting restringing my GFI D10 Ultra 2 hours before we played. Still have to load out, drive 30 minutes and set up mind you.

I did the fastest string job in history, played about 5 minutes, retuned, loaded and went. Set up at the gig and stretched em out a little more and retuned. Not only did they stay in tune (outdoors at 85 degree's) they sounded great. They gave me a confidence that had been lacking in my playing and for the first time, I really felt like I was contributing to the sound of the band (since changing instruments).

Now... to share the credit where due, last night was my first gig with my new Stereo Steel rig that I bought from GD Walker. I'll ring his bell on another post. But, I'd been practicing through the new amp for about a week before I installed the Live Steel strings so I could hear and feel the difference in the strings. VERY, VERY pleased!!!!
Name: Steve Dodson--Sparta Tennessee
Date Posted: Fri Jun 22 07:24:24 2012

Hi Sid,
Just had to drop you a line about your New Steel Guitar Strings.
I got mind today and just put them on and they are great. And eveything you said about these strings where right on the money. Love the Tone and you mention the strings would feel more tight and I like that. My single note playing is better due to the tightness. My other strings when I would play fast and hard felt floppy I guess you would call it. Thanks again for taking the time and caring enough to come up with these great strings.

Name: Rick Myrland--Madison Wisconson
Date Posted: Tue Jun 19 05:04:25 2012

There's so much discussion on this forum about tone and what creates it, with not enough emphasis on strings. I recently put these on my Mullen and the entire band looked at me the first time I hit them, thinking I had a new steel or amp, or made a major change to my set-up. For $15 this has been the single best investment in enhancing my tone and my search for the best strings to use.
Name: Michael Remming--Idaho
Date Posted: Sun Jun 17 09:37:26 2012

I have to agree with everyone's comments here played an outside gig yesterday and loved the tone I was getting. Best harmonics I have heard from my Carter. Love these strings.
Name: Geroge Brown--North Carolina
Date Posted: Sun Jun 17 09:36:17 2012

I played my 4th gig last night on my first set of your Stainless strings, and I believe my tone, and overall sound has gotten better each time. Band mates have commented on how good they sound., And, they stay in tune... A real joy to play... Thanks
Name: Gary Watson--NC
Date Posted: Mon Jun 11 09:55:54 2012

Mike.....I have live steel strings on my Show Pro also, but weed eater line on my Emmons.... No, seriously.....I got two sets from Sid, one stainless, and one nickle......and I just love the Nickle wound.......haven't tried the stainless yet.
Name: Randy Gilliam--San Antonio Texas
Date Posted: Mon Jun 11 09:53:19 2012

I Put a Set of Nickle Live Steel Strings on My Laquer D-10 Emmons, They Sound Great and Do stay in Tune Better.The Main thing I Noticed Was When I Kept Tuneing My 3rd String up Waiting For it to Snap and Cut My Hand and it Did not Happen! Gonna Put The Stainless on My Mica D-10 Emmons and Hope they are just as good or Better. Randy G. I Will Be Selling a lot of Ernie Ball Strings Soon as I See What I Have. I Will Support Mr. Hudson For Getting us Some Great Strings. Randy Gilliam.
Name: Bill Miller--Quebec Canada
Date Posted: Mon Jun 11 09:50:33 2012

I put on my first set of Live Steels last night and they really are exceptional. After only a couple of hours playing on them I can't see myself using anything else. There is a crispness and responsivness that I've not had with any other strings. Good stuff!
Name: Bob Snelgrove--San Jose California
Date Posted: Mon Jun 11 09:48:39 2012

These strings are phenomenal. I just traded for Tommy White's '76 P/P and put these on immediately. It's a tone monster either way, I'm sure, but these strings feel and sound insanely good on it.

Name: Jake L--Houston Texas
Date Posted: Mon Jun 11 09:47:30 2012

I have to chime in and say that my guitar never sounded as good as it did at our show Friday night. I have used another brand exclusively for years and was even in correspondence about an endorsement deal. Not now. I have found a new string!
Name: Arty Passes--Austin Texas
Date Posted: Fri Jun 1 12:31:40 2012

You've got a great product. I could tell a difference in the feel of them even before putting them on. They have great clarity, stay in tune and although I can't attest to the longevity - (had them about 3 weeks and don't want to tempt fates, so I won't see how long they last!) they have kept their tone and intonation. Even our respected sound engineer, who's heard me for about 125 show a year for 8 years, said it sounded better and he could hear more definition in the notes.
Name: Bob Graff
Date Posted: Thu May 31 14:23:18 2012

Best sounding strings i have ever used. I will be using your strings from now on. great job sid. bob graff
Name: Bobby Jacks--Madison Iowa
Date Posted: Mon May 28 15:47:20 2012

I Have To Agree With what everybody here Says I purchased a couple of E9th stainless sets from Sid and installed them on my ZUM Hybrid and All I can say is WOW Unbelieveable, If any of you guys or gals haven't tried them you need to do so I'm No Mike Johnson when it comes to playing but I think Mike and I are on the same train here, Unbelieveable strings, I agree about the buzz and it also seems as to not take the bar pressure as older strings also I've always had chime issues for being consistant but I think these strings have helped cure this problem also. GREAT JOB SID I'll be ordering more. BJ
Name: Mike Johnson--Nashville Tn.
Date Posted: Sun May 27 11:05:46 2012

The wound strings are fantastic, and I'm blown away with the unwound strings too.

I have put The Live Steel Strings on my Franklin, my Emmons, and my Sho-Pro. More than anything, I love the way they sound. There seems to be so much less buzz in the high strings, and a much thicker overall sound.

When it comes to playing any instrument, getting the sound from your hands to your ears involves
so many many varibles. The strings are a much more important part of your tone than you might think.

After using (3)sets, I'm really excited about the idea of using these LIVE STEEL STRINGS "all the time on all my guitars".

Name: Chris Boyd--R.I.
Date Posted: Tue May 22 08:28:40 2012

Excellent strings! Just put them on my Pro I and will be trying them on the Pro III shortly... Amazing service too... thank you Sid!
Name: Bob Hempker--Tennessee
Date Posted: Tue May 22 08:27:22 2012

These strings seemed to have brightened my guitar up a bit. They feel and sound great to my ear. Sid, I think you have come up with something here. I've used GHS for several years, and these strings, in my opinion, sound and feel better. I kept with the same gauges I've been using, and stayed with the nickel strings. I was just wondering if an alloy string might be in the near future. I would recommend these strings to any steel player.
Name: Gil Gregory
Date Posted: Tue May 22 08:26:00 2012


Name: Michael Brewer--Texas
Date Posted: Tue May 22 08:25:01 2012

I am very happy with the strings. The sound is clean and crisp with good body. I am also pleased with your extra effort in getting the non-standard gages I use in my tuning. I will be ordering more from you.
Name: Roger Francis--Kokoma Indiana
Date Posted: Fri May 11 09:30:51 2012

I love these stings too, been on for 3 weeks now, all i can say is just try them without any exspectations and let the strings do the talking, if you dont like them thats fine thats just more for me
Name: Johnny Howington--Lillington NC
Date Posted: Fri May 11 09:29:12 2012

Just wanted to say I love these strings. I put a set on mine 2 months ago and they sound as good as the day I put them on. Very little tuning required between playing times and tone out of this world. I'm so glad I met Sid Hutson at a steel guitar jam in Clayton, NC and at Kanapolis, NC. A great string and a wonderful person to deal with. Sid Thanks for the effort you have put into developing a really great string for the steel guitar. Will have another order in soon!!
Name: George Brown
Date Posted: Thu May 3 14:36:59 2012

Sid, I finally got a chance to play my New Strings on a Gig last Weekend, and I was Thoroughly impressed. When I brought them up to Picking Volumn, the tone was Great. I was actually able to back off a little on the lows, and still had a Great Full Sound. A couple of my Band Mates commented on how Good they sounded.. I Am Hooked
Name: Bill Lowe--Connecticut
Date Posted: Wed May 2 19:08:16 2012

I put a set on my G2 and I think it is the best it has ever sounded. I am going to try a set on another guitar tomorrow. Thanks for the quick service.

Name: Jamie Lennon
Date Posted: Mon Apr 30 20:46:43 2012

Awesome strings, best I have ever used to date, you NEED to try them !!!
Name: Lana Carroll--New York
Date Posted: Mon Apr 30 19:29:49 2012

I used them on a recording session recently and got a lot of compliments. They have a really unique sound. Great strings!
Name: Gary Hamblin--Callao Va.
Date Posted: Sun Apr 29 19:56:29 2012

Sid just want to let you know.I played an outside job at the Nascar race in Richmond,Va Saturday.The weather was cold and rainy.The other guys in the band could not stay in tune.My steel stayed on the money for the whole job which was from 12 to 6. Im sold on LIVE STEEL STRINGS and I feel that anyone who tries them will find them to be top of the line
Name: Jamie Lennon--Nashville Tn
Date Posted: Sun Apr 29 19:53:47 2012

Received my new live strings, changed them a couple of days before a show. And wow they sound awesome.
I will say they are the best strings that I have ver used, tone wise. I glad I have finally found a string I will stick with and enjoy using.

Name: Lyle Clary--Illinois
Date Posted: Sat Apr 28 14:57:26 2012

Just received my two sets of stainless. I put them on my Zum D10 and immediately could tell the difference in tone. Definitely brighter. I can't wait to play them on a gig and listen for the compliments. One thing I noticed was when I play harmonics they're easy to produce and they sustain longer.
Name: Jerry Flemming
Date Posted: Fri Apr 27 04:43:08 2012

! I love the Live strings! Personally I think they shine when you are playing open stings like the the 1st string F# open while plaing in in the key of D. The clarity, tone and seperation is great! Best tone I ever got! Add me to the happy custome list :)
Name: david rattray
Date Posted: Thu Apr 26 08:24:14 2012

First I would like to say I placed my order with Sid,s ( I believe his daughter ) and she was helpful and corteous thumbs up to her! Now as to these strings so far the best I have seen hands down Sid thanks for this product ..
Name: Ron Epperson--California
Date Posted: Wed Apr 25 09:56:21 2012

I play a GFI ULTRA D10. I think I have tried every string out there. I liked SIT until I tried Sidís Live Steel Strings. They brought my steel Alive again. They brought all my effects to a sharper and crisper tone. As long as they stay in business they will have my business. You will feel less travel on your pedals which I think is a good thing. You will be pleased when you try these strings.
Name: John Castalletti--California
Date Posted: Wed Apr 25 09:55:36 2012

First of all, I would like to thank Sid for getting the strings out in a ridiculously quick manner. So far I LOVE these strings. String separation is the first thing that jumped out at me. The strings feel great too...I have never played the Jagwires but I much prefer these to the George L's used in the past.
Name: Billy MurdochóUnited Kingdom
Date Posted: Wed Apr 25 09:54:55 2012

Already I am impressed.
I ordered a few sets to test these strings and within a couple of hours I received an e mail informing me that my order had been dispatched. I later received another e mail apologizing for the error in the shipping calculator when sending overseas, I was credited with a refund.
A very good start indeed
Best regards

Name: Larry RobbinsóNew York
Date Posted: Wed Apr 25 09:54:22 2012

Iím still beating the tar out of these strings and I still Love em!!! BTW Sid...did I mention that
your my new best friend! Guys and Gals..try a set of these strings. You wonít be disappointed!

Name: Roger Francis--Indiana
Date Posted: Wed Apr 25 09:53:24 2012

Iíve been using stainless for some years and sometimes switching to nickel occasionally, I bought a set of the LSS nickel and they sound almost as bright as the stainless of other brands Iíve tried but have more warmth tone and clarity to them, at least thatís what Iím hearing, I didnít think the plain stings would sound much different than others but I was wrong, they seem to have more of a musical sound to them and if your guitar has a good separation of notes these seen to enhance that too for some reason.
Name: James Marlowe--Lakeland Florida
Date Posted: Wed Apr 25 09:51:59 2012

I had just put some new strings on my Zum when I ordered these Live Steel Strings. Well, I finally got around to putting on the LSS the other day. I figured I'd probably messed up doing this a day before a jam, but much to my surprise, there was very little stretching. They were up to snuff in no time with very little touching up along the way. I love the feel and the sound of them. I am well pleased. Sid, you've got a great thing going here!
Name: Terry Bethel
Date Posted: Thu Apr 19 12:52:30 2012

When Sid told me about these strings, I immediately ordered a set to try. Can't wait to try the new nickle strings.

Terry Bethel
Mel Tillis Show
Name: Chuck Campbell
Date Posted: Wed Apr 11 12:28:12 2012

I reluctantly ordered 2 sets of nickel Live Steel Strings, one for my Zum and one set for my new Russler. My thought was, what have I got to lose. Could there be that much difference in a string, itís just a piece of wire. In the past I used SIT, Emmons, George L, Jagware or any other string that was the cheapest or that someone would give me. I also would use what ever I had even if they were of different brands as long as they were the right gauge. I first put a set on the Russler (havenít stopped playing it long enough to put the set on the Zum) and what a pleasant surprise. Now Iím going to have to change my entire way of thinking about strings. I donít care about the technical stuff or what makes them different or if Sid does some kind of ritual over them. I know they are the best sounding and smoothest strings I have ever used and the tone I get is noticeably better. This was reaffirmed when my wife, who rarely comes into my music room came in and asked what guitar are you playing, I said, the Russler. She said, better play that one all the time. Anyone want to buy a Pac A Seat compartment full of strings?

Name: Mike Sweeney-Nashville TN.
Date Posted: Tue Apr 10 17:15:58 2012

Hey Sid,
I just restrung my guitar with your Live Steel Strings. They sound really good. I was impressed at the finish of the stainless wounds. They have a sheen to them almost as bright as nickel but they have the bite I like. I also noticed they were loud acoustically and I mean loud.
You have a winner here Sid.

Name: John Castelletti --California
Date Posted: Mon Apr 9 18:13:01 2012

Hey Sid the strings are fantastic! Is there anyway I could talk you into putting together 2 sets of guitar strings for me?

I want to buy a set for my lead player, and I am desperately hoping you will do bass strings as well as most of my gigs are bass gigs. Cant say enough about your strings they are awesome!
Name: Ray Thomas - Goldsboro NC
Date Posted: Mon Apr 9 17:05:36 2012

Got a set at Kannapolis and ordered two more sets today.
Name: Boo Miller - Branson MO.
Date Posted: Mon Apr 9 16:58:54 2012

I just got a chance to put these strings on my guitar Saturday and I played a Show with them on
Saturday night.

All i can say is WOW!!

I have to echo all the chatter about the amount of difference in the way the strings feel under your Bar as well as under your pics .

I really notice a difference from the floppy slappy feeling for lack of a better word. The tone is what I have been looking for in a string since the did away with the old EMMONS EXTRA LIVLEY's from the 90'S.

I chose the Stainless E9 and C6 because I have been looking for that crisp bite I used to get with those Emmons Strings and nothing ever came Close until now.

The customer service is top notch and couple that with a Musician of Sid Hudsonís caliber at the helm I think these folks are on to something good here.

I will be switching from my old brand and using these Live Steel strings on my Pre RP Mullen and my little Hybrid Sho-Bud from now on ..

Also for what itís worth Iím not a paid endorser of this product just a very Satisfied Customer !
Thanks Boo Miller
Branson MO.
Name: Larry Robbins
Date Posted: Fri Apr 6 18:54:34 2012

So em'

I am using the Stainless. Not tinny sounding right out of the pac like most other Stainless strings I have tried.

Got there own full,rich tone...hard to describe other than to say I instantly liked it!

I also noticed a big difference in the feel of the the strings. No matter how hard I attack them they seem to stay with me so much better than some other brands.

Nice sweet sustain on the E9 and Great Growl on the C6 stuff!!

Its only been a few days but I have played the be-jabbers out of them..( had today off) I'll keep you posted on how they hold up after a while has gone by. But if these hold up like I think they may, I am sold!

I have to say that the customer service is top shelf. Thank you,Sid!
Name: Doyle Mitchell
Date Posted: Fri Apr 6 18:51:09 2012

Sid , I havent had a chance to put them on my steel yet but if your strings are as good as your speedy delivery it is some good strings !

I think my strings got here almost before you got the money ! Thanks for the speedy service.

Doyle Mitchell, Loraine Texas
Name: ron epperson
Date Posted: Thu Apr 5 12:29:04 2012

just recieved my strings put them on today and they sound great had to turn the reverb back down these strings just perked up all the efects iam using the GD WAlker sterio steel amp is a very good amp and these strings really put it to the top thanx sid
Name: Jerome Hawkes
Date Posted: Thu Apr 5 11:49:34 2012

The way Sid plays, if they can handle that ripping he gives 'em, they are good'ens.

Name: Hallgrim Midberg
Date Posted: Thu Apr 5 11:37:25 2012

Hi Jordan,

I have now changed to Live steel strings.

I must say I'm very happy with sound, and I like them! Thank you very much!!!

Kind regards
Hallgrim Midberg from Denmark
Name: Kenny Martin---Marshall Tucker Band
Date Posted: Wed Apr 4 13:17:59 2012

Ok guys, I'm gonna tell you that I was a little scared to change from Ernie Balls after 20 or so years of playing them but, I put the Live Steel Strings on two days ago.

Being new I felt I wouldn't be able to hear, feel and tell any change but, on the first tuning I have to say I was impressed!

Let me give you guys the major changes:

First thing I noticed was when Iím speed picking, the return of the string when raised or lowered was much faster than before.

Also the blocked notes were clear and clean with no string rattle.

Second was the tone was very clean and clear. The bar noise that I have become accustomed to, was hardly there on fast slides.

Third and the biggest change was I sat down with a track "I won't mention it again"
There are some slides that require playing notes that you hit one time and fall back two frets lower and raising two strings. Before the notes kind blended so much that you almost couldn't hear them. When I played this run, the notes were on the money, clear and very defined!

So I must say I am truly amazed that a string can make that kind of difference.

I'll be playing a show this weekend and the 21st with Marshall Tucker Band and I will truly get to feel and hear them "Live "!

Sid, man, ya done great with these. If they last a while I'm hooked!

Thanks so much....Kenny MartinóMarshall Tucker Band

Name: Mike Sweeney
Date Posted: Tue Apr 3 17:32:04 2012

I sent my order today. I'm looking forward to trying these strings.
I met Sid Hudson over 30 years ago at the airport Holiday Inn in Richmond, Va. His playing was on fire.

At that time he was playing a steel. We hit it off and he said " Iím really a guitar player not a steel playerĒ and he gave me an LP he recorded here in Nashville that Paul Franklin was on. The album was called "Twelve MidnightĒ and his guitar playing just blew me away.

I trust anything Sid says about music except the statement he's not a steel player. You all will find Sid a good guy to deal with and I wish him the utmost success in this new venture.

Name: Todd Brown
Date Posted: Mon Apr 2 09:26:07 2012

These strings are fantastic!! I don't know how to describe it;
they just have an awesome "feel" and "ring" to them.

I've been using GHS Boomers since I started playing about 4 years ago. No, that's not a long time, but in that period of time, I have tried them all. SIT's, EB's, CC's, Jags, GHS stainless, all of 'em until now!

I'm changing over! They sound, feel, and perform like no other brand I've played!

After almost a couple of weeks, a handful of gigs and several practice sessions later, these baby's still look, feel, and sound like they're straight outta the pack!

I'll be calling again soon!
Todd Brown

Name: Johnny Howington
Date Posted: Sun Apr 1 15:37:38 2012

Sid, I put a new set of those Live Steel Strings I got from you on my Black Emmons today! They sure do feel good and I didn't even break the third one tuning it up! They feel great and sound great.
I'm gonna need to get some more of these from you soon!

Johnny Howington

Name: Ron Elliot
Date Posted: Sat Mar 31 17:17:43 2012


Live Steel Strings is truly a new adventure in sound, feel, and staying in tune. I am enjoying the clearity of the Stainless Steel for both the E9th and the C6th. No doubt about it..."they bark",...and at the same time, they offer that pretty sustain on the E9th ballads. The name says it all..."Live Steel Strings!", and they are!!

Name: Dave Jackson
Date Posted: Sat Mar 31 04:52:20 2012

Hello, I put on my first set of your E9th nickel strings yesterday. They have a good firm feel to them, tuned up nicely and appear to stay in tune well. They seem to have a tone right out of the package, not edgey or harsh. Keep up the good work! Thank you for the effort and you fast and courteous service.
Dave Jackson Staff Steel Guitar Little Nashville Express
Name: Gary Carter
Date Posted: Thu Mar 29 13:39:05 2012

I wanted to let players know about the new Live Steel Strings I've been trying out. I first tried the nickel set. The tone had more midrange than the strings I have been using. I have noticed a significant improvement with my instrument staying in tune. Last night I put on the Live Steel Stainless set. They feel nice and tight under my hands with a nice bright tone. They seem to have more resistance when I attack the string. Just feels nice and solid. Again the tuning is noticeably better than other steel guitar strings in my opinion.
Gary Carter
Name: VBO
Date Posted: Wed Mar 21 11:05:34 2012

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